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chicago.       773.573.6065


when you meet someone who complements your design philosophy and shares the same initials to boot- you seize the opportunity to collaborate.


in this spirit, nancy mayerfield and norah meadows combined their design backgrounds in 2009 to become nm design house, a collaborative design firm specializing in residential and high-end commercial interiors.


with each project, nancy exacts a technical, yet romantic vision and a deftness with muted palettes, textures and innovative materials, while norah brings her art world background and panache for mixing vibrant colors and patterns.  together they mix modern and traditional design elements to create fresh and balanced spaces with visual intrigue.


nm’s dual location in new york and chicago provides them the ability to tap into each city’s rich design scenes. the firm offers a variety of interior services for any stage of your project- from planning with architects and project management, to materials and furnishings selection.  as mothers to three kids each, no project is too challenging for this duo and their team to tackle.



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